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What's shojin ryori?

"Shojin ryori" is originally buddhist cuisine for monks.
Dharmic concept of ahimsa and dissolve with klesha.
("klesha" mean like worldly desires.)

Shojin ryori and Doctrine in buddhist

Buddhism required believer to following the Decalogue.
- Monks have to follow ten commandments.
- Devotee have to follow five commandments.

Ten commandments including "Shall not kill", But five commandments said "Shall not kill without reason".
So Dharmic that for just follower more flexible than for monks.

By the way,Buddhism requirement do not force to others.
These regulation only exist to restrain themselves.

Shojin ryori and Worldly desires

Desires is behavioral principle.
But, Extend desires sometimes lead human being down the wrong path.
Buddhism see the Worldly desires[kleshas] is but things.
Taste of delicious may lead the gastronomy desires and eager to get it.

For that reason, Shojin ryori do not use seasoning too much and make emphasisstress characteristics of raw materials.

Shojin ryori and Local consumption of locally produced

intention of Vegetarian
In other feature of the Shojin ryori, "shinjifudo" intention they have.

This word constituted from two meaning.
First one is "physically body" and Second one is "land".
"physically body" suggest to the "deed in life".
"land" suggest to the environment around themselves.
This two word cannot be separated.

Is sum, human being is lived by nature and just part of nature in this thought.

These type of thinking not only Buddhist teaching.
We can find similar one from every country and every era.

Such as,

* Recently,this word use as campaign to promote Community Supported Agriculture.

What different of Shojin ryori and Vegetarian and Macrobiotic?

Do not kill[ahimsa] is cardinal virtues in Buddhism.

Can not eat things that called "sansen".
"sanen" are designated to meat and bird and fish.

How discriminant "can eat" from "not eat"?
Ancient tradition way is too easy,

Run away if you chase is you can not eat.

Shojin ryori and Vegetarian

Egg and milk do not run away.
But,those food is categorized to animal products and avoided to use.
*except tibet Buddhism

So most closely eating habit is vegan in Vegetarian category.

meat chicken fish milk egg honey
Pollo-vegetarian can't eat can eat can eat can eat can eat can eat
Non-meat-eaters can't eat can't eat can eat can eat can eat can eat
Lacto-ovo-vegetarian can't eat can't eat can't eat can eat can eat can eat
Lacto-vegetarian can't eat can't eat can't eat can eat can't eat can eat
Ovo-vegetarian can't eat can't eat can't eat can't eat can eat can eat
Pesco-vegetarian can't eat can't eat can eat can't eat can't eat can eat
Vegan can't eat can't eat can't eat can't eat can't eat can't eat
Do not eat in Shojin ryori

In addition,the food that avoided in Shojin ryori, including liquor and five type of vegetable.

This vegetable called "gokkun".
Consisted from onion and spring onion and scallion and leek and scallion.

Shojin ryori and Macrobiotic

Macrobiotic is widely known as diet or health method.
This origin descend the cosmic dual forces (yin and yang) of oriental medicine or Taoism in chaina.

The food of Macrobiotic is similar then Shojin ryori.
But,Actually Macrobiotic is more strict about food.
How processed after harvest is important for Macrobiotic.

Coffee and refined sugar is banned.

How cook Shojin ryori

Spice of Shojin ryori consist five taste that called "gomi".
Cooking method of Shojin ryori consist five way that called "gohou".
gomi - Five taste Salty Sweet Hot Bitter Swour
gohou - Five way RawBoilSauteFrySteam

In the past,The people who live in east asia was not have a custom to eat raw vegetable.
They were required creativity and originality about cooking.
Therefore a lot of designed food made of soybean was invented.

Five color

In addtion,Shojin ryori adopt the five color for food presentation to enjoy refinement.

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